"Since 2003, VoxFrontera has been the broadcast industry's leader in automated, real-time Spanish captioning and automated Spanish SAP. VoxFrontera's real-time speech research initiatives will lead to a new generation of highly accurate, low-cost transcription solutions for businesses and consumers."

Greg Schmidt - CEO

CaptionSentinel™ optimizes caption quality, enabling video providers to comply with FCC caption quality standards of accuracy, synchronicity, and completeness. Providing monitoring and detailed records from creation through distribution.

TranslateTV™, the leader in real-time Spanish captioning since 2003, has created a superior, cost-effective Spanish language service for SAP. AutoVOZ™ turns English captions into high-quality Spanish voice for any live and pre-recorded programming.

TranslateTV™ has worked consistently for 10 years enhancing its precise, world-class translation technology for TV programs. TranslateTV’s patented Spanish text service is seen on national network programs and local news programs across the USA.

The FCC requires TV and radio to censor indecent and objectionable language. Current solutions are expensive and ineffective. WordStopper™ will be a highly accurate, cost-effective word identifier that will automatically “bleep” target words in near-real time.

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