The industry leader in automated, real-time Spanish closed captioning since 2003.

Since 2003, VoxFrontera has been the leader in providing automated, real-time Spanish captioning to the TV industry. TranslateTV™'s patented Spanish text service is seen on The Tonight Show and local news programs across the USA. VoxFrontera has recently enhanced its world-class translation process by integrating natural-sounding text-to-speech technology. The result is a cost-effective, real-time Spanish language service for the SAP channel for any live or pre-recorded programming. AutoVoice™ expands the audience for English language programming and emergency information to the growing Spanish-speaking population.

Concurrently, VoxFrontera has undertaken a significant automated captioning research initiative. VoxFrontera's first generation of the real-time ASR will also be used to create a precise, single-word identifier. The FCC requires TV and radio broadcasters to censor indecent and obscene language and the current manual monitoring solutions are expensive and ineffective. Software which automatically "bleeps" target words is the obvious cost-efficient and effective means of complying with this obligation.

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