Low-cost service provides real-time, automated Spanish voices for all broadcasts.

Hispanic Consumer Survey on SAP

  1. 80% of respondents used SAP within the past month
  2. 59% of respondents used SAP within the past week
  3. 64% would watch more English language TV if more shows had SAP
  4. 88% would watch more SAP programs
  5. 82% are watching a program more often if it has SAP
  6. 69% say they better understand when it is via SAP
  7. 48% watch shows they normally would not watch because those shows offer SAP

AutoVOZ™ will turn any English captions into high-quality Spanish captions and Spanish voice. It will also solve the problem of delayed captions by “synching” ALL of the English captions, Spanish captions, English voice and Spanish voice with the video. Whatever program you are creating or airing, AutoVOZ™ can provide in-synch natural-sounding Spanish voice with the Spanish captions to reach your Hispanic viewers in the language they prefer to use.

VFI has merged its patented, high-quality translation technology with world-class text-to-speech technology to bring AutoVOZ™ to the US TV market.


AutoVOZ™ takes the incoming English captions and instantly translates them into Spanish text; the Spanish text is then turned into Spanish captions and Spanish voice. The separate services can then be synched with the English audio and video using VFI’s proprietary technology.

For additional technical information and a demo of AutoVOZ™, please contact us at info@translatetv.com.

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