FAQ's: frequently asked questions

How does the consumer access TTV captions?

TTV can be put on caption channel 2 in the digital broadcast signal. The consumer simply uses their television or remote control and turns captions on CC2. Please see the video, “Changing your CC settings” located at the top of the page.

How does the consumer access AutoVOZ SAP?

The consumer simply uses their television or remote control and turns the SAP on.

What equipment does a programmer need to use TTV?

For local TV stations, VFI provides a custom unit to each station. Stations connect their current captioning, live or teleprompter, to VFI translator/ encoder via serial port connection or video and provide an IP connection to the VFI unit (for updates and remote monitoring).

For AutoVOZ™, stations need to connect the audio output from the VFI unit to the encoder for insertion into the SAP channel.

What dialect of Spanish does TTV/AutoVOZ produce?

TranslateTV creates an “American Spanish” translation that can be understood by Spanish speakers from all Hispanic regions. The automated SAP uses a similar “American Spanish” pronunciation that can be understood by all Spanish speakers.

How accurate is TTV?

VFI provides understandable contextual translation; however, it REQUIRES ACCURATE ENGLISH source captions. VFI analyzes the English captions utilizing proprietary linguistic software and lexicons that are created prior to air. Translation errors do occur, but improve over time as idiomatic expressions, proper names and geographic terms are entered into the lexicon and custom dictionary. Our goal is to provide translations that are understandable in each language, but not literal translations, which can be incorrect and confusing.

How long has TTV been in development?

VFI’s proprietary, patented technology consists of rules-based linguistic and unique caption-processing software. The software is able to provide real-time translations through a range of mediums including broadcast TV, cable, satellite and Internet streaming video and has been in use and constant upgrading for over 10 years.

When can I get TTV or AutoVOZ?

Once a station has signed an agreement with VFI, it takes less than 30 days for installation to be completed.

Where can I see TTV and AutoVOZ in operation today?

TTV is running full-time on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and on local stations around the USA. AutoVOZ is running on selected local stations. For a complete list, contact us at info@translatetv.com

Can I sell TTV to advertisers?

Yes. TTV allows text ads or sponsorships to be created and inserted directly into the Spanish language text at the end of each commercial break. This is an automated process and included with the software. TTV also allows local commercials to be captioned in Spanish, if a client wishes.

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